Virtual Race Tools

Tool Box

  1. Band-aids, 10ct/box
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide, topical spray 10oz
  3. Gauze wrap, 2qty 4in x 4yd
  4. Antibacterial hand wipes, 20/pkg
  5. Hand Sanitizer spray, 4qty 50ml
  6. Latex gloves, 4ct
  7. Zip-lock bags, 5qty
  8. Post-it note pad, 1qty
  9. Sharpie pen, 1qty
  10. Face Masks, 2qty
  11. Rain ponchos, 2qty
  12. Finish Line tape, 3qty
  13. Sidewalk chalk, 2qty
  14. Zip ties, 20ct
  15. Box cutter, 1qty
  16. Safety pins, 1qty 1,000ct/box


  1. Cap10K Feather Flag, 1qty
  2. Flag squid-base, 1qty
  3. Flag stake, 1qty
  4. Yard sign, 1qty, 14in x 18in
  5. Patio table, 2qty
  6. Bottled water, 3qty, 24ct/case, 16.9floz
  7. Hand Sanitizer spray, 6qty, 375ml
  8. Map basket, 1qty, 14in
  9. Route Maps, 200ct
  10. Acrylic bowl, 1qty, 10in


  1. Cap10K hand sanitizer spray, 10qty
  2. Cap10K chapstick, ~50ct
  3. Cap10K blinky lights, ~25ct
  4. Cap10K cow bell, 18ct
  5. Nuun tablets, ~50ct

Race Morning Check List

Site Set-up

  • Start the morning off with a smile but please wear a mask to set the tone for hygiene safety.
  • Set up feather flag, don’t forget a hammer if you have a flag stake.
  • Set up start and finish yard sign.
  • Set up table with maps, leave rubber band on to keep pages from flying away.
  • Set up table with swag give away items.
  • Keep water cases aside and do not set out until after run starts.
  • Make a courtesy good morning stop with the coffee house staff and introduce yourself.
  • Check to make sure you know where the restrooms are located.
  • Assemble large Tito’s hand sanitizer bottles with spray top.
  • Place small Tito’s hand sanitizer bottles around area as needed (event use, not intended as swag). Leave one in each restroom as needed.
  • Give away swag.

Arrival Period

  • Greet runners when they arrive.
  • Direct to start line location for reference.
  • Give short schedule description for reference. (announcements at 7:50 &  start at 8:00)
  • Recommend paper route maps or digital maps.
  • Monitor the size of your group assembling to determine how assertive you will need to be when it’s time for announcements. Groups of 50 or more will need extra coaching to gather for pre-race announcements.


  • Don’t mind the stragglers, try to coach participants into an area to make your pre-race announcements as close to 7:50 as possible. Expect folks to walk up at 7:59 to start, that’s okay.
  • In your own words start your announcements with, “Good morning everyone and Welcome to the 44th annual Statesman Cap10K virtual race. Thank you for making, (name of your coffee house location) your choice for this year’s race.”
  1. For your safety we will conduct a rolling start at 8:00 a.m., which will include sending y’all off in groups of 4-6 at a time. We don’t want to overload the sidewalks or bike lanes and we want to allow for social distancing.
  2. This is a self-guided and self-paced run, so take a map.
  3. There are no aid stations or restrooms on the route.
  4. Please use the sidewalk, bike lane or pedestrian pathways when possible. This is not a closed course. There are no barricades or police closing streets for this virtual run.
  5. Obey all traffic laws including stopping a 4-way stop signs and traffic lights. Use the cross walk when available.
  6. Finally, have fun this morning and enjoy your run.
Start Sequence
  • Ambassadors should herd participants to the start area.
  • Direct participants to the start location by pointing to the orange yard sign or the street decals.
  • If you have a large group of participants work together with your co-ambassador to stagger runner departures, sometimes using your arms like a traffic gate will do the trick.
  • Take a few moments to snap a few photos as participants start their run.


  • Set up table with water bottles.
  • Cheer on participants as they finish.
  • Hold out finisher’s tape when available.
  • Give away the swag
  • Encourage finishers to grab coffee and food at the host coffee house to celebrate their run.


  • Use your best judgement for when to start breaking down your set-up. The average participant is completing the 10K in 60 to 90 minutes.
  • If you have no new starts after 9:00 a.m. then look to start breaking down around 10:30 or 11:00.
  • Please make sure to survey your area for any miscellaneous swag packaging or water bottles.
  • Stuff the  feather flag into one of the empty swag bags.
  • Return event supplies to Statesman anytime after next week.

Thank you.