Team Management

For Captains

We have gone to great lengths to improve the team management feature for Captains this year. Review these new features to make the team experience optimal for your group.

  • You can remove anyone from your team by logging in to your account and clicking the manage team icon.
  • If your team access is set to Public or Anyone with the Link, you can copy a link to registration and share with members.
  • You can email an invitation to join your team no matter which access level you choose.
  • You can export the email addresses of everyone who is confirmed on your team.
  • You can choose team packet grouping for bulk pickup or opt out and have team members claim their individual packets at the Expo.
  • You can reserve a complimentary team tent at the finish line Team Village area when you have 35 or more members.
  • Team members can join your team all the way up to close of registration on Saturday 4/4.

Registrant Profile

If you discover that your shirt size, bib personalization or team info is incorrect follow the Manage My Registration link below for instructions on how to make edits to your registration profile. Everyone who signs up for the race has an participant profile account on To access your account the first time follow the steps below to set up a password and access your profile.

  • When you are ready to edit your profile for the first time follow link below and choose Click Here in blue.
  • Enter the email address you used to sign up for the event and click Create Account.
  • will send you an email with a password reset link.
  • Create a password for your account.
  • Login with the new password and manage your participant profile!
  • To change your password, click on the Accounts menu item and choose Edit Profile.
  • Once you are logged in choose Manage Team button in blue to see your team page. This is where you can change settings, invite team members, export your team members for messaging and adjust your team privacy.

Team Privacy

When managing Team Privacy, there are three access settings for teams. Team Captains can adjust these settings by clicking the pencil next to your team name at the top of the page. When the Captain sets up the team there are 3 access levels:

  • Public teams can be seen and joined by anyone registering as an adult or youth.
  • By Invitation Only means that when you email an invitation that link will work for one individual.
  • Anyone with the Link means just that – anyone with your link can join your team.

Inviting Team Members

Inviting team members to the team is simple. Review privacy setting above before announcing the invitation.

  • For Public team, just inform friends to select the team name from the drop down when they register for the event.
  • For Non Public team, the Captain will need to login to team management page to send an invitation. From the team page, Captain can enter a list of comma-separated email addresses and a short message before sending the invitation to join. Keep in mind, only the email recipient can use the invitation to register, the invitation cannot be forwarded.
  • For Anyone with Link team, a team link is also available which can be copied to share in a email from the Captain’s personal email account.

Adding Members to Team Who've Already Registered

Adding and moving team members to the team is easy. Review privacy setting above before extending the invitation.

  • For Public team, the new member needs to login to their registrant profile (see Manage My Registration instructions above) where they can join the team by self-editing their registrant profile.
  • For Non Public team, the Captain will need to login to team management page and send a new invitation to the exact email address the new member used in their initial race registration. The new member will then login to their registrant profile and once there they will see a pending team invite from the Captain. To join the team the new member must accept the invitation.

Confirming or Removing Members

Anyone who has registered to be part of the team is listed on Captain’s Manage Team page. Click the red X to remove anyone who is not supposed to be part of the team. **This will remove them from the team, but leave them registered for the event. A notice is sent to everyone removed from a team, and Captain can send a personal note at the same time.

Bulk Team Payment

Thank you for your interest in bringing a large team to participate at this year’s Statesman Capitol 10,000! The Bulk Payment Agreement is for teams that desire a single payment option to cover the expense of each member’s registration fee. The bulk payment option is only available to Team Captains with 10 or more committed members. Team Captains must complete the Bulk Payment Agreement before registering self and inviting team members to register.

Transfer to Captain

If you have already registered as an individual and you would like to change your participant profile to Team Captain and create a team, please contact us with your request at Race Inquiries. Only the Support Administrator can make this transfer. To help us address your request more efficiently include TRANSFER TO TEAM CAPTAIN in the subject line of your inquiry.

It is not possible to remove yourself as a team captain, however you can assign Team Captain level access to another person by clicking the gold star next to a team member’s name. This person can then sign in and manage the team.