Austin's Coffee House 10K

Sunrise Tour

Let’s stay connected for the long run.

This fall, join the Statesman Cap10K on a new adventure that combines your interest in exploring new training routes with the love of a delicious cup o’ joe: Austin’s Coffee House 10K Sunrise Tour.

While live races are on hold for now, that’s no reason for our runners to slow down. Through this new training program, we’re inviting you to join us every two weeks to explore custom-designed 10K routes that start and finish at local coffee houses. Reconnect with friends and meet new ones. Join us at the start line of this satisfying new training opportunity.

While physical social distancing is a must, staying close on social media is highly encouraged! Please document your virtual race and post your photos with the tag #Sunrise10KTour.

We’re really excited to see thousands of you training for our annual 10K in this new way and staying connected with the Cap10K community for the long run.

Tour Schedule

Every two weeks  a new coffee house and training route will be premiered.
Tour schedule runs from October through December.

Route #3 unveiled soon

rooster schedule
rooster schedule
rooster schedule
rooster schedule
rooster schedule

How the running tour works

The running tour works exactly the same way as any other type of training run except we’ll be traveling to a new featured location every two weeks. The local routes can be run at any time and in any order.  All you have to do is make a commitment to getting started. Participation in the tour is absolutely free but only bib holders receive coffee perks.

bib number tourDo I have to purchase a bib number to run the coffee house tour? No. Participation without a bib number is free, however these local coffee houses have extended special drink discounts when you show your bib.

map tourDo I have to run a 10K? No. How far you run, walk or skip is completely up to you and your personal fitness level. Our course maps and street decals mark each mile on the route. If you only want to walk 2-miles, flip a u-turn at mile one and retrace your steps to finish your route.

calendar tourDo I have to run the training routes in sequential order? No. Once each route is published it can be used as a training route at any time.


clipboard tourHave more questions, not a problem, follow the link to frequently asked questions.


Order your official coffee house tour bib number.

coffee tourSecure your bib number today and enjoy warm coffee perks this fall. Each coffee house offers a promotional special when you make a purchase and show your bib.


shirt tour

Limited edition tour T-shirt, shirt + bib combo and other great roadie options available when ordering.

mail packetAll gear purchased including bib, shirt and mask are shipped within 7-10 business days. Shipping is included in purchase price. All gear is mailed, there is no in-person pick-up.


Choose a local coffee house for your next training run.

street sign tourReview coffee house event pages for route maps, directions and online tracking tools. Business address, photos and parking information is also listed.


smartphone tourStay up-to-date with current ordering policies by reviewing each coffee house’s event page. Hours of operation, seating and food service options vary by location.  


Share your 10K achievement.

photos tourShare your coffee tour experience, show us where you ran, what you saw or maybe that latte foam mustache — we’d love to see your photos.


stopwatch tourRun or walk any of our Sunrise Tour routes and save your time on your own device. Once you’ve got your time logged, request your finisher’s certificate and rooster badge. 

Coffee House Partners

Participation Guidelines

Coffee House Tour

  • This is not a race. There is no official start time and there is no official timing or scoring.
  • Explore responsibly. Social distancing encouraged.
  • There is no participation cost associated with using or following training routes.
  • Grab a map from our box inside the coffee house.
  • Course routes are measured to an approximate 6.2 mile distance.
  • For safety participants should travel on the side of the street and in the direction facing oncoming traffic.
  • Course routes are not sanctioned by the Cap10K.
  • Tracking or timing device is not required but, encouraged.
  • The use of personal safety lights are encouraged.
  • There is no limit to the amount of time to complete the 6.2 mile distance.
  • Submit your finish time for each route and receive a customized finisher’s certificate.
  • Coffee house tour registration ends on 12/31/20.
  • All route finish times must be submitted by 12/31/20 to be counted in results.

Strava Sunrise Tour Club

Join our club

Did you know we have a Strava Sunrise Tour Club, its perfect for connecting with local runners.

Tour Checklist

Are you ready to 10K?

  • Order your bib and tour gear.
  • Choose a tracking option.
  • Choose a local coffee house and bring a friend.
  • Run or walk your 10K.
  • Record your tour time.
  • Snap a photo of your achievement and share with Cap10K.
  • Log your virtual race time and claim finisher’s certificate.
  • Repeat! There’s six more coffee house routes to explore.