Participation Rules & Restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is our top priority. The Statesman Cap10K works closely with local public safety agencies to produce a save and secure event. Please review the important safety information here.

Participants should conduct themselves in a courteous manner, respect fellow participants, volunteers, event staff, spectators, and members of the community at all times. Please review the following race etiquette here.

Strollers & baby joggers are allowed for your children, provided you opt in during your registration to inform us that you plan to push your child. It is race policy to have every individual participating in the race officially registered. In the event the parent/guardian and child are separated from one another the registrant’s race number has important information that is essential for race officials in reuniting both parties. Strollers & baby joggers are defined as something that is pushed, not pulled.

Regardless of the corral assignment issued to a participant on race bib, strollers & baby joggers are not permitted in corrals A, B or C for the start. Strollers & baby joggers are permitted in subsequent corrals D, E, F or baby jogger family reception area.

For the protection and safety of all participants the presence of animals in corral A or B is prohibited.  Dogs and their owners will not be permitted to enter corrals A or B at the start line regardless of their corral bib assignment. Leashed dogs and their owners are allowed to start in subsequent corrals C through F.

Any animal displaying aggressive behavior will be removed immediately from corral with their owner by Austin Police. Participant is subject to disqualification and removal from the race without refund.

The use of headphones and earbuds are strongly discouraged. If you choose to wear headphones or earbuds, please ensure that you can hear all announcements and remain aware of your surroundings, including other participants.

Yes, we encourage costumes and have prizes for creativity. The costume should not cover the entire face. Refrain from costumes that extend beyond the body or impede others.

Alcohol is prohibited on the race course.