Luckily my school district started a weekly running group with a trainer at my campus. He encouraged us to go to join his other group to jog at Town Lake. I still remember my first 5 mile run! Then Adam, one of the owners of the Austin Zen restaurants started a group , serendipitously with the SAME trainer. This changed my life. Yes we were motivated by the wonderful Tokyo breakfast he provided us afterwards, but I found a great support group with my people. He sponsored my first 5k trail of lights. Little by little I ran more with the push of fellow runners and the energy of other Austin races and runners! It’s truly what keeps me going! Chris’s Statesman coffee runs are the best thing since pumpkin spice coffee!!! Thankfully I found other groups that have fun routes too. And there’s nothing like the enthusiasm of Cassandra Moderna’s group to get me out of bed early Saturday morning for a long run (well her and the fact that she picks a great breakfast spot to reward ourselves after!!)As an elementary school teacher , I find these groups keep me happy and healthy and I definitely feel the difference all week after a starting my weekends with these amazing running buddies!

Did you know...

Pumpkin, pecan or apple pie and do you run Thanksgiving Day?

“Pumpkin, pecan or Apple pie? Yes!!! Why do you think I run? This is the day I’ve been training for- and to run the Turkey Trot! Pumpkin requires whip cream, and Apple pie requires a scoop of Amy’s Mexican vanilla ice cream! You’re welcome! 😉 Thankful for our health & other runners and groups keeping me honest! Have a great start to the holiday season!

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