My story on running is about overcoming what I feared-> before 2015, I did not think I could run long distances. Thanks to my brother encouraging me to sign up for my first half marathon and then training with me, I conquered my own self doubt. Since then, running has brought confidence, joy, friends, and good health in my life. Sharing a quote that has driven me to run, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” (Eleanor R.) Hopefully this motivates you to pound the pavement and enjoy the same benefits, see you out to there.

Did you know...

We’ve all attend races large as small but these 3 pro tips make every race a success?

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate during the week of the race- suggest carrying a BIG water bottle everywhere that week to remind yourself to drink lots of fluids

Morning prep- get up early, get your body acclimated to preparations (bathroom and breakfast) for that race morning, and get out on training runs about the same time as race start time

Fuel- if using gels, caffeine, wafers, electrolytes during training… for race day, determine when (ex. every hour?) or where (ex. every other mile?) to take fuel, have a plan for refueling

All the best for your next race!

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