It’s October 2009 and my new dog, Jake, isn’t getting enough exercise. He’s a Lab/GSP mix and he needs to burn off some energy. So I put on some shoes, grabbed his leash and we went out for a 20 minute run – 2 miles. Little did I know that that was the day I became a runner and started on a path that would forever alter my life.

That day was a long time ago and my journey has included a couple of Marathons and many 5Ks and everything in between . My happy place is the half marathon as I usually run several of them every season. Over the years, I have met some of my closest friends while running. It truly changed my life in a positive way.

Besides running, I also enjoy cycling and want to be a better Triathlete – but I swim like a rock. Recently adding hiking and weighted walking has benefitted me both physically and socially. Anything I can do to stay active tends to treat me very well.

My running group is called the Breakfast Club and they keep me out there week after week throughout the year. These days I can be found running 10-15 miles on the streets of downtown Austin every Saturday morning with a smile bigger than the state of Texas.

My old buddy Jake now resides on the other side of the Rainbow bridge but I’ll never forget how he got me started on this amazing journey.


Did you know...

Pumpkin, pecan or apple pie and do you run Thanksgiving Day?

“There are 3 things that make Thanksgiving my favorite holiday: Pumpkin pie, running a Turkey Trot and family/friends. Maybe you can add in some football and staying HOME for Black Friday too!

The first Turkey Trot I ran was in downtown Austin in 2009, only a few weeks after I actually started running regularly (see my bio for more information!). I had been running 2-3 miles at a time for several weeks so I decided to do the race that Thanksgiving. I wasn’t much of a runner and kept it low key so no one came with me to the race. I was ready to race my first 5k! While in the corral waiting to start, I ran into a colleague. Neither of us knew the other was a runner. He said he always likes to run 5 miles on Thanksgiving morning. It was his tradition and he had been doing it for several years…

Wait, what??? We’re not doing a 5k?

Uh oh… I had never run more than 3 miles until that moment. But it turned out fine. The adrenaline, camaraderie and promise of that pumpkin pie and being with the ones I care about the most carried the day. I’ve done the Thundercloud Turkey Trot a couple of times but when Georgetown started their own I switched and have been there every year. It’s now a tradition. And one I highly recommend for any runner or walker.

What shoe are you currently training in and why did you choose it?

Picking a running shoe is both very important and very personal. My recommendation is to find something that works and stick with it. But you need to know whether you need stability or neutral shoes and what “drop” you want. There are many other details to know that will be helpful. If you’re just starting out, go to a local running store and they will help point you in the right direction. And you get to support a local business. It’s a win-win.

For the streets, I’ve been a New Balance guy for several years. I found out the hard way that I need to run in neutral shoes. The 790, 870, 880 and 890 models all work very well for me and I’ve been able to stick with them through many version changes.

However, I cannot recommend NB for Trail shoes. In fact, I highly recommend staying away from them at all costs. (There goes my endorsement deal) I recently purchased a pair of Altra Superior 5 trail shoes and have about 100 miles on them. They are so comfortable. The toe box is bigger than I’m used to so it was a bit of an adjustment but so far they are a thumbs up. These shoes have a 0 mm drop and may not be for everyone.”

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