I began running when I was young to keep my dad company while he would train for marathons. I am now busy trying to run all the streets in Austin with him and just recently set an FKT for a 92 mile Grand Canyon crossing trail run. I love big running challenges as they keep me motivated, healthy, and free.

Did you know...

Pumpkin, pecan or apple pie and do you run Thanksgiving Day?

“Pumpkin pie warmed up with some coconut whipped cream for the win. As a vegan athlete I spend the morning running and then I usually try new recipes to share with family or friends. Cooking vegan food really well is a hobby of mine and getting an opportunity to share cruelty free dishes that incorporate seasonal or local produce with a large group of loved ones is most exciting for me. I love showcasing veggies while also highlighting that vegan dishes taste delicious. While “vegan foods” carry certain stigmas, I try to outdo every other dish to show off how good plant based meals truly can be. I not only love wooing others with my cooking, but I like that the meals I create are healthy and guilt free. I don’t like associating running with rewarding myself with too many calories that I “earned” later. I prefer instead for my relationship with running to stay fun, healthy and just another part of my day that celebrates gratitude and community.

What shoe are you currently training in and why did you choose it?
“My trail running shoes of choice are the Hoka One One Torrent. I wear these shoes for EVERY distance for trail running even though they err on the lighter side of trail shoes. The wide toe box, similar to Altras, offers room for my toes to avoid unnecessary friction. And since I can’t wear a zero drop shoe (Altras) because I would develop plantar fasciitis, the small heel-to-toe drop the Torrent offers is perfect. I’m able to get my otherwise narrow foot snuggly laced in while keeping my toes splayed and enjoy a nice ground feel with the shoe which is important while trail running. The shoe is breathable and has excellent traction on slippery/rocky terrain. I have had a lot of toe blister issues in other trail runners, but I have found that with the right sock combo (injinji toe socks) and a consistent foot care regimen (that’s its own blog post for ultrarunner nerds), the Torrent is a lightweight yet durable shoe perfect for any trail terrain.

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