I was inactive for many years until 2019 when I rediscovered that I liked running. I joined several running groups, Sports Bra Squad, Rise and Run South Austin and ATX Runners. Their energies were contagious. Long story short 9 months after I started running with these groups, I ran my 1st half marathon on February 2020.

Now, I run for fun. Running clears my head, heals my heart and lifts my spirit.
Running brought great people into my life and I look forward to attending races with my running friends and enjoy the surroundings.

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Did you know...

Pumpkin, pecan or apple pie and do you run Thanksgiving Day?

“My favorite is home made pumpkin pie. Yes, I run Thanksgiving morning. Most people eat Thanksgiving lunch or have an early dinner but my family cooks all day. The entire family helps in the preparation of food and we eat Thanksgiving dinner around 7:00 pm. The Thanksgiving celebration is extended until we run out of Thanksgiving food.

What shoe are you currently training in and why did you choose it?
“I’m a Brooks girl. I’m currently running my long runs in a pair of Brooks Ghost. I like the smooth ride, the cushioning and stability on the road and trail runs.

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