Austin 1OK'r Social Runs


The staff at Cap10K got together one day after a lunch hour run and decided, “wouldn’t it be cool to invite our Austin community to join us for a run”. After a short discussion we discovered about a dozen scenic and fun training routes that all started right here from the doorsteps of Cap10K headquarters at the Austin American-Statesman on Lady Bird Lake. We’ll the rest is history, we’ve been hosting our social runs for the past five years and they get cool’r every year. We invite you to join the Austin 10K’r social running & walking group for one or all of our upcoming events.

Cap1OK Staff

Fun Run for All

You’re invited to join us as we revisit the best of Austin running ‘n’ walking scene by exploring some unique downtown training routes. Training routes are Cap10K staff organized runs or walks which are variable in distance, free, open to the public and begin and end at Austin American-Statesman. Social run route distances vary between 3-6 miles and are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Each meeting will incorporate a creative theme that highlights the culture of Austin and the Cap10K. Maps, bottled water, nutritional bars, high fives and selfies will be shared at each meeting.

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Upcoming Events

Austin 10K’r events will continue from now thru April and culminate with the 43rd annual Statesman Cap10K on April 5, 2020. For a complete description of each event just click on the event name. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and check out some of the great event photos on Pinterest.

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A Little More About the Events

Events are run and walk friendly, variable in distance, free, open to the public and begin and end at Austin American-Statesman. Parking is FREE for social runs at the Statesman. On occasion Austin 10K’rs will partner with other organizations for our social run, check each event for detailed instructions on where to meet. Baby joggers and leashed pets are always welcomed. Event route distances vary between 3-6 miles however, you always have the option to u-turn at any point to match your fitness ability. Event route surfaces will vary from sidewalks and crushed granite to paved pathways and boardwalk. This is a self-guided and self-paced activity. There are no street closures or directional signage marking the route. Each event will incorporate a creative theme that highlights the culture of Austin and the Cap10K. Arrive a little early for meet ‘n’ greet with the race staff, event partners and fellow runners. Before we start each run we will review the event route, identify any notable sights to see and answers any questions. Maps, bottled water, high fives and selfies will be shared at each event.

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Participation in Austin 1OK’r events is potentially hazardous to the health of individuals who are not in good physical condition and health, and they should not participate unless medically able and properly trained. All participants must abide by the rules and decisions of any event organized, and assume all risks associated with the event and any associated event or activities, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, and effects of the weather, traffic, road conditions, and all such risks being known and appreciated.

Having read this disclaimer and knowing these facts, and in consideration of acceptance of my participation into Austin 10K’r events, participants waive and release the Austin American-Statesman, and any other individuals, firms and organizations associated with the activity, their representatives, and successors, from all claims of liabilities or any kind resulting in whole or in part from participation in Austin 1OK’r events or the acts or omissions by and organization, firm or individual that take place in connection with Austin 1OK’r events. By participating in Austin 1OK’r events, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Disclaimer and Release of Liability.

Now that that’s done let’s go run!


The social runs have begun to take off in popularity and we could use an extra set of hands on occasion to prepare the activities for each meeting. Light set-up and clean-up opportunities available for those who want to sandwich their run with a little volunteering before and after the meet-up. Also, looking for those local yokels who’ve been their-done that, to share their guidance as run scouts. Good directions and insight on local routes always welcomed by novice guests. If you’d like to share your time please follow the link to application.

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