Facebook Profile & Cover Photos

Download, copy and share the new ‘Dillo profile photo and cover photo images on your personal Facebook page. Show your friends that your running the largest 10K in Texas. From your phone just click on PNG or PDF image and copy or save to your photo album and then add to Facebook page. From your computer just click on PNG or PDF image a save to desktop then add to your Facebook page.

Profile Image PNG or PDF
Cover Image PNG or PDF

Profile Image PNG or PDF
Cover Image PNG or PDF


Social Profile Builder

Show all your friends that you’re running the 40th Cap10k with your Facebook and Twitter profile pics! Follow the steps in our builder below to add our #Cap10K runner badge to your fav profile photo, then download and post!


Snapchat Geofilter

Snapchat_17On race day between 6:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., our #Cap10K geofilter will be available at the start and finish line areas for all your Snapchat snaps and stories!

Color Dash the ‘Dillo

armadillo_17Bring the kids into your social media fun! Download our coloring sheet for Dash the ‘Dillo & show off your artistic flair by posting the drawings to social media with #Cap10K! Color Dash.

Cap10K Costume Contest

Costume_17bThis year’s costume contest has gone social! All contest submissions will be submitted and voted on via “Likes” on Statesman Cap10K’s official Facebook page www.facebook.com/cap10k. Be sure to “Like” Statesman Cap10K on Facebook to vote and submit! Official contest category descriptions and rules are available online at Costume Contest.

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