Seeded Athletes

Runners expecting to be seeded in the fastest group are required to provide proof of their qualifying race result for a certified distance with a time that meets the minimum time requirements.
38:00 minutes or less Men
41:00 minutes or less Women

When registering for the 2019 race include an expected finish time equal to a current race performance. The elite corral will be reserved for athletes with the fastest submitted times. Qualifying athletes may be contacted after registration to verify proof of time. When submitting expected finish time have the following information ready if you are contacted to verify time: link to qualifying time race results, race name, month and year of race, and race distance. The qualifying time must occur between 1/1/2018 – 4/6/2019. If no official time is verified, participant will be placed in sub-seeded starting corral.

Statesman Capitol 10,000 (10 kilometers)
USA Track & Field Certification: TX17032LAB (new 2017)

Certified Course Records
Men’s Record: Eric ChirChir, 29:24, 2013
Women’s Record: Natalie Nalepa, 33:43, 1997

Race Results Resources

Visit one of the following race results resources to research your personal race results. Search results to find a qualifying time that meets the elite standards listed above to verify elite eligibility. These resources are the best way to estimate actual pace before completing 2019 registration information.