Saturday, March 4, 2017

Meeting Place: Austin American-Statesman (East Lot)
Participation: Free
Parking: Free (Location)
Meeting Time: 8:00 a.m.
Running Time: 8:05 a.m. (leave by)
Sunrise: 6:53 a.m.
Route Map: MapMyRun
Course Map

Where we Start

start_17Austin American-Statesman. The Statesman’s EAST parking lot can be accessed from driveway on E. Riverside Dr. one block east of S. Congress. The driveway entrance is at the traffic light near Thom’s Market (160 E. Riverside Dr.). Follow the driveway toward the lake and look for the black Cap10K tent and white flags at entrance of parking lot. Parking is free for those attending Austin 10K’r events.


What You Get

  • A super fun 3 to 6-mile boardwalk run along scenic Lady Bird Lake.
  • Free samples of the New Nut Butter Filled peanut butter bar from Clif Bar (post run)
  • Evamor bottled water (pre & post run).
  • Special edition armadillo tattoos.
  • And some good ol’ fashion high fives when you finish.


What to Bring

  • Friends & family, co-workers, best buds and girlfriends.
  • Your smart phone to capture the fun and make your followers jealous (#BoardwalkRun).
  • Baby Joggers welcome.
  • Leased pets welcome.


Boardwalk Run – Route Description

map_my_route_17The Boardwalk Run is a creative route that travels along newest section of the Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake. Starting from the Statesman’s East parking lot we will jump onto the hike and bike trail and head East for about 1/4 mile to the beginning of the boardwalk. The boardwalk will huge the lake’s shoreline with some spectacular views of the lake and Austin skyline. The boardwalk can be a busy thoroughfare at times filled with bikes, dogs, walkers and runners so, be conscientious and keep to the right except when passing others. Please be mindful of good trail etiquette and do not travel more than two abreast. The boardwalk will continue east past Joe’s Crab Shack and under Interstate 35. The trail will alternate between the lake and the shoreline for approximately a mile. Follow the trail along the south shore and cross the recently added East Side Trail Bridge near the HI Austin Hostel. From the bridge continue on the trail keeping the lake on your left until the trail pops out next to Pleasant Valley Rd. The trail will parallel Pleasant Valley Rd. and eventually merge with the street’s sidewalk. The sidewalk will travel up and over the Longhorn Dam to the north side of the river. At the first street take a left and follow the sidewalk until it connects back with the trail. The trail will cross a small bridge to a peninsula along the lake. The peninsula will lead over to the old Holly Power Plant. The U-turn point for 3-miles out is at the abandoned rail road tracks that cross the trail near the Holly Power Plant. Once you have reached this point U-turn and retrace your path back to the Statesman.

It is our recommendation that participants use sidewalks, pedestrian pathways or hike & bike trails and avoid using the street. Please use caution when crossing streets and only cross at designated cross walks.

New boardwalk will close the gap on the Butler Hike and Bike Trail
Boardwalk provides new views, place for Austin to exercise—Pam Leblanc


After the Run

  • Enjoy iced down bottled water and sports drink to re-hydrate.
  • Savor samples of Clif Bar’s NEW Nut Butter Filled bar.
  • Post your Boardwalk Run photos using our official hashtags: #BoardwalkRun, #Austin10Kr or #Cap10K


Turn by Turn Directions

  • From the Statesman’s East parking lot, the trail can be accessed at the corner of the lot.
  • Travel eastbound along the crushed granite trail always keeping the lake on your left. There are several trail intersections along the route but the main trail is always closest to the water’s edge.
  • Continue past Joe’s Crab Shack.
  • Continue on the trail under Interstate 35.
  • Continue on the trail to the Boardwalk Landing Zone, near S. Lakeshore Blvd.
  • Continue on the trail to the East Side Trail Bridge right behind the IH Austin Hostel.
  • For 3-mile round trip U-turn once you have reached the IH Austin Hostel.
  • Continue on the trail until it pops out next to Pleasant Valley Rd. There is a small parking are with a split rail fence next to the trail.
  • for 4-mile round trip U-turn once you have reached the parking lot on Pleasant Valley Rd.
  • Continue on the trail as it approaches the south side of the Longhorn Dam. The trail will merge with the Pleasant Valley Rd. sidewalk that leads up to crossing the dam.
  • For 5-mile round trip U-turn at the top of the bridge crossing over the Longhorn Dam.
  • Continue on the sidewalk across the dam and take a left at the first street, Canterbury St., on the north side of the river. Follow the sidewalk wraps around a small parking lot before the trail curves back towards the lake.
  • Continue on the trail and cross a small bridge over to a peninsula. Follow the trail towards the Holly Power Plant.
  • For 6-mile round trip U-turn at the abandoned rial road tracks that cross the trail near the Holly Power Plant.
  • Remember on your way back to stop after Joe’s Crab Shack to snap a photo of the boardwalk and Austin skyline.