Not sure about committing to a 10K?

“If you have been training regularly, then it is reasonable to think about doing a long-distance run like the 10K,” says Dr. Vijay Divakaran.

“However, if you have been sedentary, have heart disease or significant risk of heart disease, then a 10K may not be a good idea. Although exceedingly rare, we sometimes see reports of a heart attack during marathons. This is more likely to happen in folks that are not routinely active, have not trained well for the run, and are unaware of their risk of heart disease.”

“Just like anything else, awareness of one’s own heart health and careful preparation or training prior to the event will go a long way in preventing injuries during the event.”

Check back for more running tips from the Baylor, Scott & White Health cardiologist ahead of the 2016 #cap10k!

Dr. Vijay Divakaran
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock