Picking socks that were designed for running.

Kay Horn
Austin Fit Walking Program
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If you love those super cute wild designs and pretty printed cotton socks, toss them into your training bag and put them on your feet after your race. Put them on once you cross the finish line. Do not do the race in cotton socks!

Your feet will thank you for wearing socks that provide support and are made of the correct material. Picking socks that were designed for running (yes Ladies I said running and I am a fitness walking coach) and are made of wicking fabrics to keep your feet dry and comfy during long miles in the Texas heat will keep your feet happy. Socks should not be too tight or too loose. Either one may cause problems such as blisters by the time you hit mile 4. Never wear first time or unwashed socks race day. Wash them and break them in by wearing your new socks when training.

Sock and shoe combination may cause problems such as slipping feet inside older shoes, producing blisters. When you change your shoes revisit your socks too. Once you find the pair that makes your feet happy, those should be labeled for race day. Socks will wear out fast so check your socks throughout training and make sure they are not worn and on the verge of causing problems.

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