Relieve neck and shoulder muscle tightness with good posture.

Brenda Gustafson
Head Coach, Austin Fit Walking Program
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Posture, posture, posture! Have you ever seen those folks that are sticking their head out past their bodies or are busy looking down at their feet or swinging their arms wildly across their body during a racing event? The only thing happening here is that with the weight of a 12 pound head, your neck and shoulder muscles tighten and with the swinging of your arms across your body it’s not sure which direction it should go. Stand up straight! Be sure to hold your head high and look forward to access the road and/or situation in front of you and not at the ground. With your head held high, your ears will be directly above your shoulders which in turn are directly above the hips, knees and ankles forming a straight vertical line. Be sure that your back is straight and not arched forward or backward. Move those shoulders naturally and swing your arms with a 90 degree bend in them. When swinging your arms, keep them at your sides, not crossing in front of your body. Think of your arms as a connecting rod on the train wheels going down the track. Using your arms in this manner will help to propel you down the road. Lastly and most importantly, walk smoothly rolling your foot from heel to toe.

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