Running the 10K with Young Runners

Larry Chauvin
PE Teacher
Founder of Young Guns Youth Fitness
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The Cap10K is a great race for runners of all levels. If you want to include the entire family, try jogging with a stroller. Your kiddos may see all the other runners and may want to jump in and run a mile or two (depending on their age). Plus they will see how important fitness is to you and will likely value fitness in their lives. If you are planning on running with an older elementary school age or middle school age runner, make sure you practice longer distance runs prior to the 10K. Just like adults, kids love running with friends too, so recruit a friend or two to run the 10K with your kiddo, and see how the power of friendship can carry your kiddo to the finish line!

Young Guns Youth Fitness programs teach kiddos to love running as well as the proper form and technique in order to be life long runners.

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