Hops will help your legs feel lighter during your run.


Valerie Hunt
Owner, RUN ATX
Master Level PoseMethod of Running Coach

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Your goal for the Capitol 10K is to cross the finish line with a smile on your face, and with your legs feeling like they could keep running. Warming up before you run is a great way to prepare your body for a strong finish. Including dynamic movements to activate muscle elasticity (springs:)will delay muscle fatigue and keep your legs fresh during your run. Running is an impact activity and the better prepared your muscles are you will feel like you are bouncing up from the ground rather than hitting the ground. Hopping is a simple way to increase the recoil ability of the muscle. You will also strengthen the foot, calf and ankle with hops. Start by adding 3 rounds of 10 hops, with a 10m run after each round. Little hops, just leaving the ground, making sure to keep the knees bent, reduces the impact of the hop, and also your run.

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